Blizzard Bag 1 - Anatomy & Physiology

For both A&P I and A&P II students - welcome Anatomists!

Much of what we study in A&P can seem very black-and-white.  However, what we learn can be applied to very touchy and very 'gray' issues.  The assignment for today is one such issue--one that has plagued our very country for years.  Read this case study and answer the questions at the end--answer the questions in a Google Doc which you can then share with me. Save the file with the following name: BB1A&P{last name, first initial}----example: "BB1A&Pfullerc"

A warning: the case study is rather graphic when it discusses the course of the disease in humans.  Please remember this is an academic class and the description of the disease is essential in fully understanding the impacts of this study.

If you have any questions or concerns remember you can email me throughout the day.  Happy Snow Day!

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